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Teamology is a team of experts that have done wonders in the last 3 years. In six years, the company has grown leaps and bounds and have achieved clientele that boast many reputed personalities and power houses of Kolkata. Kolkata is the largest metro cities of India and getting PR done here takes a lot as it is vast and to get that kind of presence it takes some doing. Want to maximize your presence on the digital spectrum? Well, PR is a great way to help boost organic revenue and traffic. Many businesses ate emerging from local areas around Kolkata. These businesses need to push themselves on to the digital space, and the best way is to hire Teamology PR agency in Kolkata. Hiring an PR agency in Kolkata that is close to you can help you improve the ease of doing business.

It is a common question that has a very subtle answer. There are millions of websites on the internet, and thousands of them in your niche. If someone searches for a product or service of your niche or expertise, it’s the search engine that has the right to decide what to display first. Merely having a website with little to no advertisement makes it practically invisible from the internet. The website can only be in rankings if you hire a best PR agency like Teamology in your region.

When our PR expert examines your website, they look for all the inherent flaws in the website. It can be many things ranging from unstructured webpages, absence of meta tags, high-resolution images and videos that increase the website's loading time, and much more. Our PR agency in Kolkata also compares your website to the existing competition. The existing competition makes it challenging to rank your web pages as they are already ahead of you and have appeared numerous times in search results. As a renowned PR agency, we try to create an SEO strategy from scratch. It studies the changes in the Google algorithm and aligns its practices following it.

The first benefit is the overwhelming traffic from organic and trusted sources. Teamology PR agency in Kolkata can help you get massive traffic which is used to increase sales. The second benefit is long term user engagement without any additional promotion. You do not need to run sponsored advertisements at first and spend a lot of money on them. Sponsored advertisements are helpful after you have a slight presence on the web. Aside from these benefits, our team also provides metrics and statistics to find more about your existing customers and their preferences. All this data can be leveraged by a business to develop new products, offers and make your business a success.

Teamology is in this business since last 3 years and we have a team of experts that have helped many businesses grow with their services like public relation, digital PR, advertising and digital marketing among others. Hence, if you want to grow, we can help you out and results of which will yield you dividends for life.

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Web driven coverage that maximizes your reach.Teamology has been awarded as the Iconic Digital PR Agency by Mid-Day.

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Tech driven organic PR which is dependable and credible. Teamology cuts all ties so that you pay a fraction for building your growing brand.


Make the ads work for your business. Invest in narrative building for your brand that is efficient. Experience targeting which transforms.

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Ready to hop on the election bandwagon? Witness 360 degrees support across media channels with Teamology.

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Affordable, Reliable and Dynamic digital marketing for your business to make it stand out. Trust the expertise of seasoned digital marketers.

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