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Teamology is a 360- degree public relations company in India. We have been serving several startups and brands in all major cities of the country with our unique approaches and impeccable implementations. And we are now leaving our mark in Chandigarh serving businesses here with our snowballing campaigns which made us amongst the best PR agency in Chandigarh.

The goal of public relations is to initiate editorial coverage for company promotion in both traditional and online media. As a result, it is more genuine than advertising and provides more value than sponsored media commercials. The city of Chandigarh has experienced steady expansion in its economic environment in recent years, which has resulted in a growing demand for public relations operations as firms scramble to create and market their brands for long-term viability. Although we at Teamology normally provide excellent services to a diverse range of businesses in Chandigarh, one significant area in which we have seen exceptional success is the entertainment sector. Public relations in entertainment encompasses the promotion of films, music, television shows, and web series, among other things. Punjabi movies and music have always been highly rich, and the Punjab government is planning to make Chandigarh the first film city in North India, which will lead to further growth of the area’s entertainment sector. Punjabi songs have long been causing waves across the country, and with the majority of current Punjabi music video shoots taking place in Chandigarh, the city’s music business is also thriving.

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Presently we are working with a number of Chandigarh-based film and music production companies, as well as actors and singers. We engage in the following public relations practices -:

  1. Release of teaser promotions, trailers, and other press releases materials
  2. Organizing promotional efforts to create good impressions of movies and generate curiosity among public, media, and record companies regarding music and singers.
  3. Holding press conferences to announce new film releases.
  4. Arranging for cast members to appear on talk shows.

With our proven PR campaigns, Teamology, the best PR agency in Chandigarh, is leading the city’s PR segment at the moment assisting players from the Punjabi entertainment sector to hop on the branding trend.

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