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The exceptionals are set to rule the future and that's where we, Teamology Softech and Media Services Pvt. Ltd. come in. We as a PR agency are helping brands unleash their hidden potential by questioning their existing methods. We are guiding them towards an entirely new and astounding future. We work with umpteen number of startups, brands, celebrities, and influencers across the country and globally who harness our strategies to embolden their relations with their stakeholders. As public relations is an earned media rather than a paid media so we tend to follow some basic principles in our actions so that our clients can strengthen their image across their customers in an organic, therefore more authentic way instead of propagating false stories about themselves. As Dhanbad is an untapped market so brands will find less competition in the city. Many businesses have realized this and have opened up their offices in Dhanbad. These companies need trustworthy public relations services to formulate effective strategies to manage and boost their reputation so they can establish faith among their key audience, magnify their news and social media presence and maintain a steady voice across all channels of communication. We, the Teamology team are successfully giving them this edge and they are now voting us as one of the best PR agency in Dhanbad .

Many businesses have benefited from Teamology’s personalized public relations campaigns. We are a team of dedicated specialists with extensive exposure and expertise in digital marketing, brand building, promotion and protection, corporate reputation management and crisis management. We have a rich history of serving businesses across all verticals. We have been applying our years old competence to help startups and celebrities fuel their reputations to attain lofty heights.

We provide a full range of public relations services to help our clients achieve their communication goals. We specialise in media relations, crisis communications, and event planning. We have a proven track record of success in helping our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of the public relations industry.

We, Teamology Softech & Media Services Pvt Ltd., have only been in the PR market for two years but managed to move ourselves fast forward in this unprecedented sprint of media & branding business with our sincere efforts to bridge the gap for businesses to stretch their online authority. After proving ourselves as PR geeks in all major cities of India and in the international market, we are now being celebrated as one of the best PR agencies in Dhanbad. 

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Web driven coverage that maximizes your reach.Teamology has been awarded as the Iconic Digital PR Agency by Mid-Day.

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Tech driven organic PR which is dependable and credible. Teamology cuts all ties so that you pay a fraction for building your growing brand.


Make the ads work for your business. Invest in narrative building for your brand that is efficient. Experience targeting which transforms.

Election management

Ready to hop on the election bandwagon? Witness 360 degrees support across media channels with Teamology.

Digital Marketing

Affordable, Reliable and Dynamic digital marketing for your business to make it stand out. Trust the expertise of seasoned digital marketers.

Press Conference

Progressively myocardinate team reinvent interoperable growthis a possible world done.


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