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Teamology, the best PR agency in India is now extending its PR services in Dubai and within very short span of time we become best PR Agency in Dubai. Dubai has long been on our wishlist as we always wanted to open an office in this hot global business center and now we are thrilled to be able to successfully  serve the city’s top businesses.

The digital era is witnessing an overwhelming hunger for brand building as businesses are literally wrestling for their presence felt in today's brutally competitive marketplace. Consequently, the demand for PR agencies is also peaking since public relations strategies go hand in hand with marketing or advertising if a company wants to boost their own credibility or raise brand recognition. 

In the past several agencies used to take charge of PR activities in UAE but now things have changed significantly as there has been an influx of multinationals in this part of the world leading to growing demand for PR making way for private players to enter the market. And Dubai being the hub for PR and brand, Teamology could not make a better decision than to leave our footprint here in Dubai. We have served many prestigious clients back in India as well as in Dubai under the strong leadership of our founders - Gulrez Alam and Badshah Ansari. To meet our clients' demands, we find the perfect blend of professionalism, innovation, and customer service. When we take on a PR project, we pay close attention to the brief and come up with something that strikes the mark across a wide range of fields and great efforts never go unnoticed as we, Teamology Softech and Media Services, have won the award for Iconic Digital PR agency of the year 2021 at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai in the presence of Bollywood actress Zareen Khan and Amyra Dastur - testimony to consider us as one of the Best PR Agency in Dubai.

Digital PR is at the forefront of what we do but we also provide some other services like Branding - which has a close connection to PR. Public relations is all about making relationships while branding has identity creation at its center. We help businesses, startups, individuals to build brands that instill a feel-good-factor in the minds of their customers and evoke an emotional reaction in all touch points. Our branding tactics not only help businesses to acquire new customers but also help cling loyal customers for the long term. 

Our tale is quite exceptional as in such a short period Teamology is conquering the heart of Dubai after establishing a solid name back in India. Our staunch result-driven PR strategies, media planning, brand communication are the root of our remarkable success and we are committed to our clients in keeping the momentum rolling. 

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