How The Speed Of Website Affects Your Business_

September 19, 2020, 0 Comments

How The Speed Of Website Affects Your Business?

A fast website that is easy to open and has enough speed to perform smoothly is the favourite of visitors. In a survey conducted by a top company, 85% users accepted the fact that website speed affect their user time. Even a common person wishes to click on a website which is fast, gives immediate results and is optimised. We at Teamology understand this and thus we are here to provide you with the best website hosting services.

The teamology team has prepared a list of things that your business can face if you have a slow website. We will also provide you with the apt solution at the end of this article, so just stay tuned.

What is the reason for its slow speed?

A slow website is caused due to a lot of factors, but definitely it is not a very appropriate thing for your business:

  • Images with High band-width
  • Lot of Flash Content
  • Issues with the Java-script
  • Bad codes
  • A lot of Advertisements on the website
  • Bad Hosting by the webserver

Cons of a slow website

A slow website is like that ultimate break which can ruin your business reputation and slash the number of your visitors. The cons that a business has to face with a slow website is as follows:

  • It is very important to catch visitors when you are new at this website. The reason for this is more visitors accounts for higher rankings by the search engines. Slow loading website can consume a lot of time of the user at the end annoying him.
  • A slow website also causes a decrease in the business lead and overall business growth.
  • Google always loved fast page speed website.

Is there any solution to it?

This problem is very common these days but it is very important that the business personnel know the correct strategy to tackle this issue by themselves. The Teamology team has prepared a list of solutions which you can follow:

  • Reduce the size of the images which are present on the website, high quality images are likely to slow down the speed of the website.
  • Cache is also a very important part of the website these small elements enable a lot of downloads. It is very important to reduce the cache so that less cache is downloaded and in a way increases the speed of the cache.
  • Plugins form an important part of the website but sometimes these plugins are harmful to the speed of the websites. Hence, it is advisable to remove harmful and obsolete plugins for better performance.

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